Pet Waste Removal Service Plano TX

Pet Waste Removal Service Plano TX Pooper Scooper Company

Dog Poop Plano offers a top-notch pet waste removal service in Plano TX. We combine a genuine love of dogs with an unmatched work ethic to clear your lawn or property of any and all piles of poop left behind by man’s best friend.

Our Plano TX pooper scooper company works with both residential and commercial clients. We use eco-friendly solutions to sanitize your property — not strong chemicals that could pose a threat to your health.

What We Do

There is more to the process than simply picking up piles of poop and throwing them in the garbage. Our Plano pet waste removal services uses methods that help erase all traces of offensive dog poop.

  • Removal and disposal: Our technicians will comb your property to make sure that they have found all piles of poop. We remove the poop and actually take it with us to dispose of. We don’t just throw it in your dumpster and call it a day.
  • Sanitization: Dog poop is riddled with all sorts of germs and bacteria. Using our pet waste removal service in Plano TX, you can make sure none of them are left behind to infect you or your pets. We sanitize the area to make it safe.
  • Deodorizing: The smell of dog poop can linger for weeks. Our pet waste removal company in Plano TX does everything it can to eliminate this foul stench and freshen up the entire area.

Why You Need A Professional

Hiring this nasty chore out is super easy and convenient. You could always do it yourself, but by handing the responsibility over to Dog Poop Plano, you save:

  • Time: No one really wants to spend their weekend hunched over, picking up piles of gross dog poop. Our Plano TX pooper scooper company gives you that time back.
  • Energy: There are better uses for your energy than picking up those stinky “gifts” left behind by your pooch.
  • A stomachache: Not everyone can stomach dog poop. Handling it can make your stomach turn. We are used to it by now and would be happy to do your dirty work.

The staff members at Dog Poop Plano are also proud members of this community. We take great pride in doing our part to make it look great. We invite you to take advantage of our pet waste removal service in Plano TX right away!