Allen Pooper Scooper Service

Allen Pooper Scooper Service Company Pet Waste Removal Texas

As a professional Allen pooper scooper service company, we’ve seen it all. At Dog Poop Plano, no lawn is too far gone for us to clean up. By hiring our company to perform your Allen pet waste removal, you can free up your schedule to do what really matters.

Why Clean?

  • Lawn: Many customers of our pooper scooper service company in Allen Texas believe that their dog’s feces helps to fertilize their lawn. In fact, the opposite is true. Dog piles can actually kill the grass and vegetation around them.
  • Neighbors: In the heat of summer, “cooking” dog poop can make downwind neighbors very unhappy. Some neighborhoods have ordinances, but even if yours doesn’t, hiring a professional Allen pooper scooper service company shows your neighbors you care.
  • Environment: Rainwater will carry fecal matter to the closest water source, eventually leading to waterways, which feed local water treatment sources. While water treatment helps to get rid of most of the contaminants, it doesn’t always get them all. Homeowners who are on well water get none of the treatment benefits, either. Hiring an Allen pooper scooper is environmentally friendly.

Won’t it just go away?

Yes and no. Depending on the time of year, your dog’s feces may be washed away by rains eventually. During the hot summer months, particularly during droughts, dog feces sits and bakes in the sun. It becomes a breeding ground for flies and other insects.

If you have ever wondered why those pesky bugs seem to be taking over your home, now you know. Our professionals in pet waste removal in Allen Texas also agree that, even when pet waste is washed away, it leaves behind most of the harmful diseases it once contained.

Hiring a professional in Allen pet waste removal doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, our Allen pooper scooper service company prides itself on offering budget-friendly pricing for high quality work. To learn more, contact us today.