Frisco Dog Poop Pick Up Service

Frisco Dog Poop Pick Up Service TX Pet Waste Removal Company

Did you know many dog owners are now hiring a professional Frisco dog poop pick up service to clean up after their dogs?

For a surprisingly affordable price, Dog Poop Plano is providing many dog owners the freedom to have their pets without the disgusting chore of cleaning their poop. Find out why we are the top Frisco TX pet waste removal company.

Why clean?

  • Disease: Dog waste can harbor any number of dangerous bacteria and other microorganisms. Don’t think that just because you don’t directly touch the poop that you’re off the hook. Have you ever considered that your pooch likely steps on his or her old piles while sniffing out a new spot? They track unseen amounts of fecal material throughout your house. Our pet waste removal company in Frisco TX regularly cleans your lawn to prevent this cross contamination.
  • Lawn health: Our Frisco dog poop pick up service technicians will tell you that dog poop doesn’t fertilize your lawn. Instead, it creates dead spots, or “hot spots.”
  • Environment: As the rains come, they wash dog feces into local water ways. If you don’t have some sort of dog poop pick up service in Frisco TX, you could unknowingly be contaminating the local municipal water source as well as any wells near your area.
  • Regulations: Some neighborhoods and towns have regulations on dog yard waste. Not cleaning up your lawn could result in fines and irritated neighbors. Our Frisco TX pet waste removal company keeps you legal and keeps tensions among your neighbors at bay.

How we do it:

We determine the price for your service based on your individual needs. Different factors that dictate how much you pay for our Frisco dog poop pick up service include: number of dogs, frequency of visits, size of your property and more. To get a custom quote, just get a hold of our team!