Plano Dog Scooper Company

Plano Dog Scooper Company Waste Removal Service

Say goodbye to dog poop duty — our Plano dog scooper company is ready to handle your dirty work.

At Dog Poop Plano, our team offers a Plano dog waste removal service at a very affordable rate. For a minimal investment, you will never have to worry about the stinky presents that your dogs leave behind in the yard.

Protecting Your Yard

Most homeowners that want a pristine lawn will cringe at the idea of owning a dog. After all, dogs are associated with digging holes and leaving piles of poop everywhere. Our dog scooper company in Plano can’t help you with the digging part, but we can certainly keep your lawn clear of those smelly “land mines”.

Dog poop is in fact detrimental to a lawn. Leaving piles of poop around your yard has a number of adverse effects.

  • Kills grass: Dog poop is nothing like the manure used for fertilizer. In fact, the bacteria in dog poop is proven to kill grass. Our Plano dog scooper company will clear out piles of poop fast enough so they won’t leave behind patches of dead or discolored grass all around your lawn.
  • Eye sores: Picture a sprawling, green area of land. That looks pretty good, right? Well, now picture a patch of property with piles of dog poop everywhere. This looks nasty and unsanitary. Protect the look of your lawn with our dog waste removal service in Plano.
  • Smell: When dog poop lingers for long enough, it can saturate the area with a very foul odor. If you live in a neighborhood, this isn’t going to help you make any friends. Our Plano dog waste removal service clears out the poop and can also destroy the lingering odor.

Incredible Value For Your Dollar

For what you are getting, don’t you think it’s well worth the minimal investment? At Dog Poop Plano, we purposely keep our rates low so that all home and property owners can take advantage of our Plano dog scooper company. Contact us to schedule your service.