Plano Dog Waste Removal Service

Plano Dog Waste Removal Service Pooper Scooper Company TX

Scooping up poop on a hot day can lead just about anyone into looking for a reliable Plano dog waste removal service.

The smell of the poop, and the fact that Fido is probably laughing at you while you scoop it, makes turning to a professional Plano dog pooper scooper company a very reasonable choice. Learn more about Dog Poop Plano and how we make your life easier.

How It Works:

  • Call our dog pooper scooper company in Plano TX to receive your estimate. We’ll take into account the number of dogs you have and the size of your lawn.
  • Once you decide to schedule services, we’ll set up a weekly service date. Other options may be available in case you’re interested in a bi-weekly service — just ask!
  • We will show up on the scheduled date to clean your lawn. In most cases, you do not need to be present for our Plano dog waste removal service staff to complete the job. We simply ask that either locked gates be left unlocked or you provide us with a key. We can make special arrangements should you prefer to keep your dog(s) in the yard while you are at work.
  • You come home to a yard 100 percent free of hazardous dog waste!

Why clean your lawn?

True, eventually with enough rainfall, dog poop will just go away. However, this feces will seep into local waterways and contaminate them with harmful bacteria. E. coli, roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and more can all be left behind even after the poop has disappeared.

Our dog waste removal service in Plano TX allows you to have your lawn cleaned regularly so the environment is not affected.

Our Plano dog pooper scooper company has made it our mission to give back to our customers the quality time that has been robbed by their dogs’ messes. Rather than spending time cleaning the poop, our clients can spend time actually enjoying their four-legged friends. To learn more about our Plano dog waste removal service, call our office.