Zach & Lisa

Just wanted to send a note about how pleased we are with your service. Although I’ve never seen anyone, every Monday,Wednesday, and Friday, we find the yard spotless and a sticky on the back door. We love the sayings on the sticky notes. We are so pleased and a Poop Troop promoter.

Jada C.

My Dad always let the yard get full of poop but now that we have Poop Troops coming 3 times per week I can run around and not worry about stepping in anything! I also get to play with Chase when he comes to clean…. He’s a really nice guy!

Christie S.

Very professional and shall I say very “thorough”?!? It’s a dirty job and I am glad they do it well!!!


We’ve had Poop Troops for a while now, and could not be happier with the service! They come on the same day each week and leave a sticky note on our door to let us know they were there. Reasonably priced, convenient, and professional. This is a company (and a service) we highly recommend!